b she drinks whiskey from a tea cup

she drinks whiskey from a tea cup

Hi, Anonymous.
Him, metal, old diary, Dream Theater, London, wolves, Lovecraft, black, unicorns, C., rain, Edgar Allan Poe, cemetery, foggy day, Aurora, lonely road at night, books, ginger tea, skyrim, E., manga, photo, Asimov, write, tales around a fire, macabre and some lovey and girly things.

- I'm Sentinella, and this is not a simple blog, this is my soul.

if you make fun of me once then i will probably think about it for the rest of my life so thank you

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tea ask!

earl grey:how do you take your tea?
lady grey:favorite outfit?
irish breakfast:what country do you want to visit?
chamomile:comfort movie?
peppermint:what's your favorite holiday and why?
milk:do you have any allergies?
sugar:tell me about your first crush
honey:type out the last text you sent
green tea:where do you feel most at peace?
bubble tea:what ride would you pick at an amusement park?
mug:when/where do you normally drink tea?
chai:what do you order at starbucks?
oolong:what are you hoping to be doing in ten years?
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