b she drinks whiskey from a tea cup

she drinks whiskey from a tea cup

Hi, Anonymous.
Him, metal, old diary, Dream Theater, London, wolves, Lovecraft, black, unicorns, C., rain, Edgar Allan Poe, cemetery, foggy day, Aurora, lonely road at night, books, ginger tea, skyrim, manga, photo, Asimov, write, tales around a fire, macabre and some lovey and girly things.

- I'm Sentinella, and this is not a simple blog, this is my soul.

George R. R. Martin 

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My skin has turned from porcelain, to ivory, to steel.
Anonymous asked: How do you imagine your future?



I hope I’ll be able to study physics and to work as a scientist.

I’d like to live in London with my future wife (Martina) and maybe I hope to start up a band and share my music.

I’m not certain at all about my future. I hope it will be good.

We will work for that, Lu♡

Anonymous asked: Name three things you like about your body.


Mm.. My lips, my curly hair and my pale skin. Those are probably the only things I like of myself.

Anonymous asked: How do you like to dress? I always imagine you as dark but you never ever post your personal photo!! I love your blog!! <3


First of all thank you! You are super kind ^^
Well, sometimes I would like to getup as a goth and others as a cute lolita. But I’m very shy, so I prefer to be a little bit sober taking just inspiration by this styles. But at the moment I actually don’t like the majority of my clothes so I think I’m gonna change somethings. You are right, I’ve post only photo of my cosplay, but how I just said.. I’m very shy!

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